Wizard youth: tryout to understand them

by Andrew Karkaroff

A lot of wizard`s families, no matter whether one of parents is Muggle-born or not, are crying about teenagers, that have no more interest to learn magic. This situation also reflected in results of Hogwarts examination sessions. More than 25% of students got A or D at their OWLs and less than 40% fill out applications for the NEWT. It`s worse than last year for 7% and 5% accordingly. Most of youngsters, if they were asked, answered like: “I`m not for academic style”, “It`s boring”, “There is no chances for me in modern world with magic” etc. What the root of problem is?

We could presume, that wizard world lost its` battle against Muggles for the advance life. Through the whole history, w-community, magic itself, could provide for ordinary wizards more comfortable, safe and advance life than M-community. Which part is more important? Safety? Comfort? Or possibility to actualize ambitions, to reach your goals, to realize your dreams to become somebody? Every part is important, you may answer, and you`ll be right. But for young people, who don`t care about first two, the third part is most important ever. To be above, to be known, to become stronger and smarter than others – it`s nature of humans` soul. Sometimes, such desires become lust for power, as we could see in Voldy`s example, but it exists, and you cannot deny it.

Though, what could we consider now? Technology, as Muggles name their substitute of magic, could provide more comfortable transportation, communication, conditions of life. Their weaponry is more powerful than Avada Kedavra, their propaganda is more influential than Imperius Curse, our Winternet is less informative and wide-spreading than their Internet, from which Winternet was copied, honestly saying.

Tech inventions appear every day. Anybody of Muggles could become very important in one day just because he (or she) creates a very simple “gadget” (as they name these doohickeys), that can be used for real purposes or for the entertainment only.

And Muggles, in their creation process, are not alone. Wizard could perform magic only by his own forces, he`s alone in this process and he could not use community support for it. Also magic level for each wizard is limited not only by his learning and working efforts, but also by his nature abilities, given from birth. The most brilliant wizard in history, in magic meaning, was Albus Dumbledore, but when he had left us (or not?), he took all his abilities with him.

When Muggle creates something with technology, he uses everything that was created in this part before him and when he makes each insignificant improvement, next Muggle can use it immediately after him. They can work together; help each other right in the process. And it`s a lot easier and more attractive for young wizards than dumb spell-reading and potion-making, every man for himself.

Of course, Muggles are not living in paradise: they have their own problems; some of them are funny for wizards and could be easily solved with magic. But they made their world more advanced than wizards could, and we should approve it. Some wizards call Muggle-community “ants-like”, but what should we do with our own future, our own kids, who go to their “ants` fire” as moths to the lamp?

I desperately want to know.