Wand Monopoly: Сui prodest?

by Aliena Skeeter

Our readers may have been surprised by recent news from the headquarters of Durmstrang Wand Corp. about their complete takeover of Ollivander`s Wandmakers. The total deal amount is a secret but some reliable sources spoke of GG1Bn.

Such amount could undermine the image of an unselfish craftsman traditionally assumed by Garrick Ollivander, Chairman of OW. Besides, we are interested why Ministry of Magic gave the permission for such a deal that creates an absolute monopoly on wands for almost the entire European Wizarding community and makes British wizardry dependant on unreliable imported supplies.

We tried to get an explanation from the Chief of International Magical Office of Law Marietta Edgecombe but she was out of the country in her recently purchased 72-foot yacht.

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