A new financial crisis in Wizard World may be imminent!

Rotshilg, Chief Goblin of Gringotts
by Aliena Skeeter

Our correspondent Aliena Skeeter got some hints from the Chief Goblin of Gringotts (who wished to remain anonymous).

Reporter (R):- So, Mr Rotshilg, how can you comment on the rumours about connections between Gringotts and the Galleon Weight Loss scandal?

(For our readers: as you may have read in our last issue, the Wizarding World was scandalized by a statement from SlughornSmithKline, the world`s biggest potion-making company, about a loss in the weight of the gold Galleons. SSK has used Galleons as a weight standard since the 15th century due to the coins` potion proof properties. But last year, SSK started to receive a lot of complaints from customers about the quality of potions. For example, the SSK bestseller, Love-in-an-Hour potion, in some cases transfigured a male customer into a certain private part. After a thorough inquiry, SSK discovered that ingredient measurements were distorted because Golden Galleons had lost more than a Knut`s worth of weight! This has been confirmed by several laboratories in the Wizarding World.)

Mr Rotshilg (MR): – As you know, goblins have never admitted or denied any manipulations involving gold at Gringotts. But I can give you some explanations to calm those hysterical wizards who are protesting in front of Gringotts in Diagon Alley, asking for the gold from their vaults to be paid back. For a couple of years, Gringotts has pursued the policies of Quantitative easing, to support the wizarding economy and business opportunities. We are trying to keep the Gold Galleon exchange rate a little bit lower than before. It should create additional work places, increase export and stimulate consumer activity.

R: – But there are some rumours about increased gold amounts in goblin vaults which happens to coincide with the reduction in weight of the Golden Galleons!

MR: – As you know, goblins have never admitted or denied any kind of manipulations with gold at Gringotts.

R: – Thank you.