Attack on shrine: Do We Really Need Such Minister for Magic as Mrs. Hermione Weasley-Granger?

Justin Finch-Fletchley exclusively for SPEWR

Yeap, I said it. I really admire their feat, their heroism – Harry J. Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald A. Weasley. They did more than just risk their lives, they sacrificed themselves for all of us, and we could never pay back for it. But – do they fit for their grown up roles in society?

Everybody in W-community accepts this situation as fair – heroes worked hard and got a decent reward. Nobody thinks that roles ARE NOT reward. It is a new feat – and are they prepared for it?

As far as I can see – businessman Ronald Weasley is far not a billionaire, his projects are almost unprofitable. HP, Grand Master of the United Wizards, still governs the least powerful and respected international wizard organization in the world, as it had been before he was elected.

And Mrs. Weasley-Granger – what can we conclude after five years of her Minister`s work? We are safe. That was, is and will be her greatest concern. New arising of the Darkness is impossible, the number of Aurors was firstly doubled, than tripled in comparison to the times of WWII (sic!), defense expenses was doubled, was established basic military training instead of Defense of Dark Arts lessons at Hogwarts. We are safe. Those times, at Hogwarts, she was absolutely brilliant, highly concentrated, smart and innovative. Still she is.

She is so concentrated on safety, that she doesn`t realize, that social programs are shrinking and cutting, that media market is deeply monopolized by one company with unclear financial supply. W-economy in recession more than three years, the number of jobs is reduced on 7-10% а year.

But – she is still on the warpath. You can just hear her speeches – “we will resist”, “we will win”, “we will attack”. Everything for victory! There are no too expensive things, there are no too many victims, there are no impossible things to sacrifice them in the name of victory! For war – it`s right. But war is OVER. There is peace all over the wizard world. We should stop fighting and enjoy peaceful life. THAT`S IT! THAT`S ENOUGH!

A couple of days ago I got information from Garook son of Griphook about some tensions between goblins` Board of Governors of Gringotts and Ministry of Magic. Scandal interview of Rotshilg about “quantitative easing” starts inquiry from Ministry and gave the idea to Mrs. Wealsey to control Gringotts directly, to give control of emission of Golden Galleons to Financial Department of Ministry. Mrs. Minister in her last couple of speeches “expressed concern about the unstable situation with rate between GG and European Auro and its influence on British wizard economy”. And she just hinted that Financial Department will be better regulator than “veiled and non-transparent goblins”.

It wasn’t racial words. She is not in any way a racist. It was an old grievance – goblins were not allies of Dumbledore in the times of WWII. They were neutral and she cannot accept it. But maybe she doesn`t understand the depth of problem. Wizards` control is absolutely unacceptable not only for goblins, but for wizards also.

Independency of Gringotts – even in the times of war – it is independency, equality and protection for whole race of goblins. Its guarantees (of course, goblins don`t care about it) of decent places in w-community for centaurs, house-elves, who are so loved by “brilliant Hermy”, mere-people, ghosts, giants and half-giants such as Hagrid and his cute brother Grawp – even for werewolves (let`s not forget about Remus Lupin!) and fantastic beasts!

Gringotts provides not only stability of financial system and economy of British wizard society. Insensibly it provides w-community with an integrity and mental health. I would suggest that our magic and our life as a community of human beings are based on this integrity. On this feeling of fairness of life. If wizards`ll put too much weight on their scalepan – it can destroy all construction.

Our friend-neighbors, American Muggles, had got two presidents who tried to control emission of their money, dollars. It was Abraham Lincoln and John Fitzgerald Kennedy (if you want to know about their fates – you can use Winternet).

My old friend, Hermione, please, understand me – I love you. I love you`re all, my friends, Harry, Ron, Hermione. I fought together with you. If you`ll ask me again – I stand for you immediately without any doubts, with all my life. But, I beg you – please, do not crush my feeling of fairness of life.