Boycott of heroes, who`s next?

Cormac McLaggen for SPEWR

A werewolf-hunter! The second most desirable image of the future for all wizard boys in their 6-12 years, after an Auror. A silvery-blue robe with a brown hat, a red chevron with crossed wands over the shield – for God`s sake, most of us have tried it on ourselves many times. In dreams, of course. How many courtyard games “werewolves against hunters” have we played? What a feeling of fear did we get then, whenever “wolves” caught us, and how sweet a revenge, and how fulfilling a rightness did we feel, whenever it was “hunters” who won?

Some of those boys have turned their dreams into reality. Among them, such prominent WW-hunters and great Aurors as Tiberius Ogden, Berthram Higgs, Alastor Moody, Bartemius Crouch Sr., Rufus Scrimgeour. In his twenties, Aberforth Dumbledore was commander of the WWH-squad for South Devonshire and killed Ulv Raventail, Great Wolf of Devon, all by himself. Of course, the fighters of WWH squads constantly live in grave danger. A lot of them have sacrificed their lives to save innocent wizards and Muggles, and their names are written in pure gold in the Chamber of the Righteous among Warriors.

Are these glorious days irrevocably gone? Perhaps yes. The widespread campaign for “the care about falsely accused creatures” initiated and supported by the Pinkworld Youth Association, has turned into a cruel boycott, and the pursuit of ww-hunters. Some of their societies suddenly lost their offices` rents, most of the training camps got letters from regional authorities informing them about the license cancellation, the Department of Care for Magical Creatures started an inquiry about several werewolf deaths during the five years after WWII. Owing personally to billionaire William A. Weasley, WWH squads still have no problems with financing, but the negative image of WWH repels more and more young wizards, who could have joined the ranks. In the last couple of years, “to keep and to protect“, motto of WWH squads, has changed meaning in the eyes of the wizard community, turning into “to kill and to destroy“.

Is it fair? Is there any reasonable argument to back it up? The whole situation looks like an organized try-out to destroy the only available force that can protect human beings from the most savage creatures in the magic world.

Are werewolves savage enough, though, to be protected from by means of execution? We should, first of all, remember the Voldemort`s slave Fenrir Greyback and his victims – William A. Weasley (survived, but heavily wounded), Lavender Brown (killed), Remus Lupin (infected by licanthropy), Dirk Cresswell (killed), Ted Tonks (killed), goblin Gornuk (killed), Michael, five-year-old son of Mrs Montgomery (killed) and a lot of others, killed and wounded. If there had ever been a well-deserved and fair dementor’s kiss on Earth, it certainly was the one given to Fenrir Greyback by the sentence of the Wizengamot upon the end of WWII, in August 1999. Also, most of us would remember Craig Kargh, Rotten Fang, guilty of mass Muggle homicide in 1997-1998, killed by Albus Dumbledore himself, along with a lot of other awful crimes committed by werewolves in the recent years and through the ages of wizard history, all too real and not in the slightest “exaggerated“, as the PYA tries to convinced us. The terror of werewolves, murders of innocent wizards, witches and children, mass killings of Muggles – is it enough to answer the question?

However, we should have a closer look at the instigators of the boycott campaign. Where do their roots spring? The Pinkworld Youth Association, and its head, Walden McNeir Jr., get financing mostly from the Al-Mansur Foundation. The start of their campaign against WWH in 2013, widely covered by wizard media, strangely coincided with some news from the media market. Three years ago we found out that the 35% block of shares of Prophet Media Group was purchased by the Al-Mansur Foundationto increase investment without changing media policy as it was promised. Immediately after, Prophet Media acquired The Quibbler and got an unparalleled monopoly on the UK wizard media market. Still, we have not a single comment either from the Ministry of Magic or from the British Free Media Association on the situation. In addition, Prophet Media has tried many times to purchase the radio station “Echo of Freedom”, but its owner and director Lee Jordan has repeatedly refused all their offers. Is it just business? Or will you consider us “conspiracy maniacs”, if we suggest that it might pose a real danger to our freedom?

We have also learned that not all of Fenrir Greyback`s victims are dead or disgusted by his crimes. He tried to spread lycanthropy among children, and those who survived are grown up now. We know that Walden McNeir Sr., father of the PYA chief, official executioner of the Department of Care for Magical Creatures had a close association with Voldemort`s puppet Pius Thickness, during his time as Minister, and Walden was one of the Death Eaters. His son and some other sons of Death Eaters at that time were announced “too sick to leave the house”. Most of them are members of the PYA board nowadays. Is it possible that the PYA is a group headed by werewolves, and all their motivation is to create a legal base for themselves? Is it possible that all the refusals of the PYA`s board members to take part in conferences and meetings are explained by the the full moon?

We plead Minister for Magiс Hermione Weasley-Granger to conduct a personal investigation of this possible conspiracy and to keep and protect WWH squads. Terrorist savagery should be eradicated!