HP will be back! For the holidays only, though, this time.

Justin Finch-Fletchley exclusively for SPEWR

We are glad to announce a truely long-awaited visit – Mr. Harry Potter, Grand Master of the United Wizards, is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom at the start of October! He and his ruby wife, Mrs. Ginny Potter-Weasley (we should call her “brilliant”, but she is too red for it), will have a holidays at their alma mater – Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The present Headmaster, Neville Longbottom, has prepared the best apartments and there will be held a meeting of the surviving veterans of Dumbledore`s Army. Visit and meeting both were timed to 21st Anniversary of DA’s foundation.

We have got tidings that some of the veterans, including opposition leader Mrs. Luna Lovegood, Prof. Longbottom, and the author of this article himself, have prepared a petition to their old friend, in which we are expressing our concern about the ever increasing defense expenses and the reduction of a number of social programmes, including the education and support of old wizards. Besides, Lee Jordan, director of the radio Echo of Freedom, is going to discuss with HP the possible purchase of his station by Prophet Media Group that has recently acquired The Quibbler and possesses thus more than 70% of the wizarding media market in the UK.

Everybody remembers how DA`s opposition against the plans of the Ministry of Magic to increase twice Aurors’ Forces has brought them support of the global wizarding community and called for a certain tension between the British Ministry of Magic and the European Wizard Union.

As we can see, Harry will have a rather busy if not overflowing holidays, which, perhaps, will only be for the greater good of all. We do not want The-Boy-Who-Lived to become The-Man-Who-Lives-Away-From-Home.

HP, welcome back!