Why Wizards Wouldn`t Wipe out Wars?

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In the contemporary world, Muggle wars bring horrendous suffering and destruction. Some caring Wizards often wonder – why not wipe out wars? After all, it is quite within the power of the Wizard community (at first glance) – to apply Confundus or Imperius (forbidden spell) to a dozen other Muggle leaders and – voila! Everyone could be reconciled and live happily ever after, in full accordance with the sugary tales of Beatrix Bloxam.
Such a solution, like any simple solution, when applied to the real complex world, is erroneous.
Firstly, we all understand perfectly well that whoever takes power will not give it up voluntarily – and such a skill is beyond the power of any of the Wizards. Even the great Albus avoided power over the community, going out of his way to influence events even at Hogwarts from behind the scenes, and not through direct dictation. This should not be attributed solely to the “secretive nature” of APWBD. The Ring of Power is a heavy burden, and the Wise know whether it is worth wearing it. In all its glory, such a method was demonstrated to us by cutie Dolly Umbridge (now you can already call her that) – decrees rained down as if from a Cornucopia, but what’s the point?
After the wiping out of wars, there will be a new temptation to save the Muggles from hunger and poverty, in the same way by a violent redistribution of wealth, then from diseases – not only due to healing, but also due to the imposed lifestyle, the rejection of excesses and bad habits, and so on, and the like. Greater Good. It’s all for their benefit, right? Turn Muggles into submissive animals to be herded and fed for the rest of their lives.
No. Nope. Enough. Aren’t two Wizard Wars enough to realize the fallacy of this approach?
Secondly, there is also a more subtle objection. In the history of the Muggles, if you dig it properly, you can find a lot of instructive. In ancient times, in Central Asia, the sect of assassins flourished. Its leader, Hassan as-Sabbāh, believed that wars were arranged by the rulers, so they should be killed. And the wars will stop.
For a while, his supporters terrified those in power – even the very word “assassin” became a household word, a synonym for a killer. The great Salah ad-Din, who expelled the crusaders from Jerusalem, when he set out to go to war against the supporters of the Old Man of the Mountain, for fear of assassination attempts, placed himself in a wooden cage, three people tried food and drink with him, and one morning he found a dagger in his pillow, after which he abandoned the planned campaign. But all this romantic bullshit did not affect either the number or the cruelty of the wars of that time.
It is foolish to personify the war in the person of one vozhd. Only in the “movies”, illusions so beloved by the Muggles, the main hero kills the main villain, and the war ends immediately. An entire stratum of society, usually the most influential and resourced, becomes the driving force behind the war.
One of the most destructive Muggle ideologues, Vladimir Lenin, wrote – “The greater the scope, the greater the breadth of historical actions, the greater the number of people who participate in these actions, and, conversely, the deeper the transformation that we want to make, the more to raise interest in it and a conscious attitude, to convince more and more millions and tens of millions of this need”.
No matter how bitter it is to admit, he was right, as was proved to us by Grindelwald, with his Dark Army, and Voldy with his (if not for the numerous victims, they could be called operettas) Death Eaters. A single Dark Wizard, no matter how powerful in person, would not be able to raise such a tsunami of destruction. They were supported by a layer of the Wizarding aristocracy, rich, powerful, clinging to their privileges and dissatisfied with the growing competition of the tiers état of Muggle-borns. So, the elimination of the leader does not guarantee changes for the better – after him comes one who could be more powerful than his predeccesor, so it was said.
So what’s the Wizarding community to do? Subdue Muggles or leave them to their own will?
“Our hearts are full of pity,” as one Muggle said, so we can do neither.