Why do we need Slytherin House?

by Terry Boot

Time by time, discussions about Dark wizardry arise in the W-community. Exactly twenty one years after Wizard War II, Quibbler published a very strong piece from one of the most prominent Aurors, Chief of the Lancastershire Auror Squad, Mrs. Susan Bones.

She openly declared the thought that had a lot of supporters, especially among families of WWII victims, to close Slytherin, and to clean and rebuild Knockturn Alley, and to put all members of PEGIDA (and known supporters of the Dark Side) under investigations singular and strict control.

Edited by Old Tom

Maybe it is just a kind of retaliation (her late aunt Amelia Bones, the Right Honourable Member of Wizengamot, was killed by Voldemort personally). But with our resolute Minister for Magic, Mrs. Hermione Weasley-Granger, with all new safety measures and the growning up of budget for Security and Defence, the W-society could arrange such measures and even achieve success, or `strike oil`, as our American friends say.

Why do we still put up with the Dark Side? Why is it that every year 25% of Hogwarts newbies are allocated to Slytherin House? Why has PEGIDA got the Chief Lady of Wizengamot (with a very strange voting procedure, after all)? This “tolerance” propaganda, that usually comes to the W-community from the Daily Prophet pages and W-channels, is usually accused in that. But propaganda is not the reason, it is only an instrument. What is the real reason? Why was that even APWBD didn`t ever attempt to eliminate the ties, that connected Hogwarts with Dark wizardry?

I found one interesting aspect of this situation. It looks like W-community very accurately dragged Dark wizardry into the whole magic system. It`s obvious, – we use the same spells, we learn the same methods of magic control and there`s ain`t no one Dark invention, that was not known in past ages. Even Voldy`s Horcruxes was a very dilettante kind of contrivance, that was created by unstable teenager, whose fears weren`t compensated by love. Of course, it correspondents to the most orthodox picture of the Universe – that Evil cannot create, but only misuses and perverts.

In Nature there is also something Dark. Muggles researchers call it ‘recessive genes’ and that covers exactly 25% of the heredity of all creatures. It looks like the Source-of-Sorcery, in His boundless care, provide us with special a hoard, that ensuring our survival. If outer circumstances will change, recessive genes will become most needed.

So maybe it was not an accident, that Hogwarts Founders comes in four? In legends, most things comes in threes – Deathly Hallows, for example. But the History of Hogwarts is not a legend, we have a reflection of nature in it – 25% of a different kind. Maybe the brightest Good gave birth to the darkest Evil, I understand that it might sound like heresy. The Kabbalah, (the Muggles `mythical doctrine` as they called ancient magic), told that the souls of living beings could not accept the infinite Light of the Source-of-Sorcerery, and when souls were full of Light, they start to spread Light by themselves, and rejected new Light from Him. That was source of Evil in our World.

Maybe they`re right. But I also think that the Dark is a kind of reserve. With their lust for power, Dark Wizards have the will to carry on, to fight, and this coerces us to fight against it. This may be His way of assigning the marks ‘Acceptable‘, ‘Poor‘, or even ‘Troll‘.

As the Son of the Source-of-Sorcery said: “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come… So watch yourselves.”