Sorcerers` Union – foundations and rafters

by Andrew Karkaroff

It was a long time ago, towards the end of XVI century. It was in the land of Siberia, that the Cossack ataman Yermak Timofeyevich who was one of the most powerful Russian sorcerers, met, defeated and imprisoned Tazzarh, the Chief Shaman of Kuchum Khan’s of the Siberian Tatar empire in the Battle of Qashliq.

Edited by Old Tom

Yermak extracted from Tazzarh the secret formula for making the very subtle substance – Subordinatis. This potion, (based on the very rare magic herb Ordaritia, grown only in the Eastern Siberia region), could suck out magic powers from wizards and even from Muggles (because every living soul has the magic of love) and it could create kinds of streams from thousands of victims to groups of Masters (or Vozhds as the Russians called them).

It was an upheaval in the whole system of Russian magic and created a gap between primal Russian wizards and the new “reformers”. (You can read about the Nikonian wars in Winternet) .

Yermak and his descendants became stronger day by day as they eliminated opponents and united young wizards in a totally obedient army. That is how the Sorcerers’ Union was born that for more than four hundred years has ruled Russia and its neighbouring territories. Eventually Russian wizards began to feel this system was fair. Subordinatis spread magical power not in exactly equal parts, it not only concentrated the biggest power with the Vozhds, but also it supported the weakest wizards (there was no one Squib in Russia in those times at all). Vozhds’ propaganda called it Fairness, and described Masters as wise, careful and friendly to all members of the SU.

The system was created on a “pyramid” basis , – newcomers fed old-timers by magical powers. It means that the SU craved for as many new Wizards as possible, – they began to build a wide network of offices that checked children for magical abilities. Such stations were located in each city, and even in small towns and villages – Dvorets Koldovstva (Palace of Sorcerery) or DKs. Instead of gathering wizard kids in a couple of huge wizard schools, members of the Sorcerers` Union, who worked in DKs, taught small groups of young wizards that named kruzhok (“little ring”), usually – 3-5 kids, and embedded them in the SU ‘s outspread system. This system created a very strong connection between Wizards and Muggles in the SU territories. The Muggles` Russian Empire and the Wizards` and Sorecerers` Union shared ideology, methods and logic that reinforced each other.

That continued until the start of the twentieth century, when something happened … We can have a hunch, was it the direct energy of the Source-of-Sorcerery, or a pure accident, – the powerful magical blast coming from the area near the Tunguska river that destroyed most of the Ordaritia plantations on June 17, 1908. The blast even had enough power to alter time! After it, the number of dates in all territories of the SU jumped forward by two weeks!

There are still a lot of discussions between Wizard researchers (as well as their Muggle colleagues) on the nature of this blast. Some Wizards consider that it was an unimaginably powerful Reducto Spell cast somewhere beyond Earth, in empty space, maybe millions years ago, and it wandered without any barriers, until it accidentally came to the Earth’s surface. Others chose the hypothesis of a random discharge of magic, imagining Earth athmosphere as a magic capacitor (we can find APWBD among supporters of this theory).

But, anyway, the SU momentarily lost the basis of its spreading system. There were extraordinary consequences: both the Russian Empire and Sorcerers Union divided into confronting parts. Revolution, Civil War, wizards battles, – chaos, millions of victims, destroying of all kinds of ruling, both Muggles and Wizards…

But one group of wizards that controlled the biggest stockpile of Ordaritia managed to get the power after all. They called themselves Bolsheviks (ethymology of this word is based on “bolshe” – that means “more”, possibly because they had more Ordaritia than their opponents). After eliminating all other groups, the Bolsheviks established a very cruel ruling over the Wizards and Muggles. They also named Muggles` state government the SU, the Soviet Union, implying that the Muggles could not manage with their lives without soviets – “recommendations” from Wizards.

The reinstalled system started to work again, based on direct slavery, that was again named Common Fairness. The DKs offices were reinstated and usually worked inside the Muggles` Dvorets Pionerov (the Palace of Pioneers. The Young Pioneers was the Muggles` political organization for kids). Both SUs became strong, at the cost of millions of victims, both Muggles and Wizards.

All these events, include the ideology of the SUs, that were widely disseminated, influenced and inspired Grindelwald`s arising; his Greater Good was the sibling of the Common Fairness of the SU. Inevitably, competitors with the same goods confronted each other in Wizard War I and in the Muggles’ World War II – Grindelwald and his Muggle supporter and admirer Hitler versus the Allied Wizards and their allies from the SU under the command of Stalin, the leader of both the SUs.

After the wars that defeated the Dark Wizards, relations between ex-allies worsened, and broke down.

The SUs continued their existence until all Ordaritia stockpiles were exhausted and broken up (thanks to Him, without a new Great War). Russian sorcerery became very weak, but after 30 years from the moment when it shifted to usual wizardry, it started to compete with Western magic again, still in peaceful ways.

Sometimes we heard rumours about tryouts to re-establish the old SU system, but it is absolutely impossible not only without the Ordaritia herb, but also because the new generations of Russian wizards will not choose Fairness instead of Freedom.

At least, we all hope so….