Do you need to be healed? Healers also need your help!

Victoire Pomfrey for SPEWR

Average annual budget of St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries for last 3 years was around GG180M. Usually it was enough not only for cure, care and remedy, but also for researches.

A new cure for magical epilepsy that was developed in cooperation with Swedish Institut Medicinsk Trollkarl became a sensation and brought hope for wizards who were doomed to live in St. Mungo HMMI for their entire life. But at the end of last month, Board of Governors of HMMI got a letter from Financial Department of Ministry of Magic, undersigned by it`s Head, Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki, about sequestration of government subsidy for 2017 year for 25%.

These days, if you`ll visit St. Mungo, you find that chambers for 2-3 wizards usually packed with 7-9 patients. There are beds in corridors, queues at all healer’s offices. You`ll find a lot of Muggles, brought by wizards, Muggles affected by wizards, mostly from wizard`s migrants, that are not so loyal to our laws and sometimes more accented on backfire than on escape of conflicts. These days HMMI has three times more patients than in times of WWII!

St. Mungo needs not only to keep financing level, HMMI desperately requires an extension of the main building, new healer’s offices, labs, chambers! In the next couple of years our Research & Development Department promises to make a breakthrough in a cure such important maladies as loosing memories and some potion intoxications – they also need support! It`s not for Healers, workers, administration – it`s for all wizards and witches of Great Britain!

We’ve got additional donation from our biggest friend – Weasley Gold Investment Corp., it`s CEO William A. Weasley established additionally 10 “Arthurian” chambers, named in memory of his father, with all equipment and personnel salaries. But some other private companies, such as MalfoyStanley and Umbridgewater refused to keep their annual donations, with reasons of increasing of taxes and global gold-financing crisis. Umbridgewater even cancelled procuring the insurance policies for all it`s workers.

Please, donate us! Each your Galleon, even each Knut and Sickle, will help to save somebody`s life and health! Goblins of Gringotts removed all commission for transfers and service of our vault 1313, also it`s tax-free and guaranteed VAT reward!

Please, call Gringotts right now – you can transfer vault-to-vault without personal visiting! Also, we’ve created a petition to Minister for Magic Mrs. Hermione Weasley-Granger for increasing of our financing for 2017 year and we ask you to sign it and send your own commentary to official Ministry’s owl-post address!

Together we can save St. Mungo and our mutual wealth – our health!