Gringott`s dragon found!

by Aliena Skeeter

The most famous dragon, which played a key role in Harry Potter`s robbery of Gringott’s (as goblins have insisted ever since) was found at the shores of the far-away island of Faial! You`ll be surprised by its size: “It`s too small!”, – you will cry out, and you would be right, but let me explain.

Our readers who have never had anything to do with dragons, and it`s the biggest part of our readership no doubt, would know that dragons grow in stature very fast. They`d have heard the story about Hagrid`s Norberta who grew to its almost full size in less than a year, about Charles A. Weasley`s dragon nursery in Romania (financed by his prominent brother, billionaire William A. Weasley), that grows dragons with a two-per-year speed. In nature, though, dragons grow very slowly, year by year, century by century. Where does the truth lie?

The biggest and most powerful dope for dragons is FireWhisky! Especially from Ogden`s distillery in Scotland, where it comes from whomping willow barrels. Energy and magic come not only from the extract of devil`s snare, that, as some whispers say, Ogden family have been adding to their noble beverage, but also from the barrels themselves.

Of course, in nature, dragons have no such dope. But it has a reverse side. In nature, grown up dragons cannot decrease in their size. If a dragon was fed with FireWhisky, then, without a dozen bottles a day, it will shrink to its natural size. As we understand, that particular dragon was fed with FireWhisky from 20-30-year-old age.

And after its escape from Gringott’s (or kidnapping, as goblins insist), the poor beast has been deprived of his favourite drink. So, it shrivelled and weakened until it reached its natural size.

But, please, do not be overexcited! Now the small pet has been delivered into the warm hands of Old Charlie Weasley and he assured us, that after 5-6 months we`ll have a full-size dragon in full blossom!

All needed barrels of FireWhisky have been donated by Demetrius Ogden personally. (He can afford it thanks to the success of his product in China and Middle East in the recent ten years.)

To our surprise, Gringott’s didn`t claim its ownership to get the dragon back. Perhaps, all they want is to wait until dragon has recovered, or they have changed their protection system after it failed to resist to three teenage-wizards and one renegade goblin. Let`s hope for the latter, for our gold in their vaults to be kept in safety.

Ok, again about the dragon – this cute animal now has everything it needs but a name! SPEW Review starts a contest for the name for the stray dragon! Please, send your ideas to us. The winner will get full-paid family vacations in Romania for the Christmas holidays!

Wizard’s Dragon Research Center in Romania

Located high in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, is the Wizard’s Dragon Research Center (pictured above). Wizards from around the world come here to study Dragons in their native habitat. Please note the observation platform in the top of the large square tower at the front of the building. As well as this primary observation post, there are several smaller remote outposts where researchers can observe the dragons at close range.