by Terry Boot

When it comes to the differences in attitudes towards sexuality between Wizards and Muggles, the main questions are “what is this?” and “how does it work?” I’ll try to get close to the question “Why?”.

As we all observe, in recent years, interest in gender determination and various manifestations of sexuality has become mainstream in the Muggle media. However, even such pulp fiction as “The Daily Prophet” and such a swagger as “The Quibbler” do not just “keep a bashful silence” about it, but slide over the surface of problems. Out of fear or out of an unresolved Puritanism? It seems to me that not only.

Edited by Old Tom

Our whole life is the gift of He-Whose-Name-We-Never-Know (this is another facet of Voldy’s pride – You-Know-Who, what is this, if not imitation of Him?). He, the Source-of-All-Sorcery, the Almighty, the Lord – here are a few of His names. He is Love, we repeat, but we do not take it literally. But it should be. Love is that flow of magic, that carrier frequency that supports the informational component of our life – the Intellect and the Free Will.

As we all know perfectly well, Wizards allow this stream to flow freely through them, using its energy for magical creation. But those inner barriers, with which Muggles are born, lock love inside the Muggle soul, and then it is transformed into religion, _business_, art, science, mercy, empathy. If the Muggle barriers are too strong, then, inside such an miserable soul, His Source rots, and pours out cruelty, hatred, pride – or damages the Mind (this also sometimes happens to wizards whose soul is sick). Perhaps poor Voldemort began to shred his soul, subconsciously wanting to break the barrier, to let the energy of Creation escape – but he did not succeed.

But the energy of Love that has burst into the Outer World DOES NOT LOSE its connection with the soul, this is the catch, and what is often forgotten. A magical creation bears the imprint of the Sorcerer’s soul, objects _produced_ by Muggles, too – if enough Love is invested in them, then they even receive their own Muggle names. Montgolfier, Morse, Ampère, Porsche, Colt, Kalashnikov… In Muggle art, objects are inseparable from their creators – there can be no “Mona Lisa” without mentioning Da Vinci, “War and Peace” outside of Tolstoy, “The Magic Flute” devoid of Mozart, if you would say “Yellow Submarine” – the “Beatles” will appear immediately. And all this is Love, Love is all you need.

Since the soul is inextricably linked with the body, bodily love – that is sexuality, an equally powerful force that affects the spiritual component. There is nothing simple about us, human beings, we are not stools. Determining the correct direction of interaction of the soul/body complex with the energy of Love sometimes becomes a difficult and painful process, both in a personal and in a social aspect. For Wizards, this is a less significant problem, I repeat, since the energy can freely go out in the process of practicing magic. Therefore, the Wizarding Community is initially tolerant (if not to say – indifferent) of almost any form of sexuality, except for violence against the individual. And the sexual component in relations between wizards is much less pronounced, yielding to the spiritual component. But sexuality is a serious motivation for personal social competition. And for public processes too. This is one of the reasons for the less socialization and greater individuality of the W-community.

Therefore, Love in Wizards does not depend as much on sexuality as in Muggles, and sexuality does not so much concern their psyche. Our gender roles are based mainly on magic. In contrast, for Muggles, sexuality is one of the cornerstones of individuality and society. Its manifestations are much more significant in both aspects, and determine fate more than other aspects. Sexuality in Muggle society faces much more pressure, environmental resistance, due to the ant socialization of Muggles. For the same reason, spiritual channels for the realization of the energy of Love are also often blocked by external influences.

This is another subtle process. Any Muggle transformation of Love, to a great extent, needs the approval of the community, in the feeding of external energy, what I wrote about above – the creation does not lose its connection with the soul. What is happening now in the Muggle anthill in this sense? I will only touch on art. Khass’s Law – the level of objects of art is directly proportional to the value of the medium and inversely proportional to the quantity. Once upon a time, people carved texts and statues by hand from stone. The cost of the process was prohibitively high, so there were very few creators, and only masterpieces (possible at that time) could be captured.

Then clay tablets, papyrus, paper appeared – the cost of the process was constantly decreasing, and the number of works grew exponentially. Likewise, the level of texts fell. But there was still some selection that kept the average temperature of the process above absolute zero. Still the process of materialization of the energy of Love was not free. And still the creators were getting community feedback. More-less. And questions of sexuality have NOT yet replaced or overshadowed the very process of creation, although they served as its basis and essence.

Now, with the advent of the Muggle Internet, and its miserable parody – our Winternet, the cost of the medium has become equal to 0, the number of works has become almost infinite, and their level has also practically become equal to 0. No, of course, masterpieces still appear, but the chance to achieve a response sufficient to create a masterpiece is practically zero for each individual author.

But ENERGY REQUIRES OUTPUT. Therefore, contemporary art is increasingly turning into a REQUEST FOR A RESPONSE AS SUCH, its forms finally suppressed its essence. And so people are now making the most of the last unblocked loophole – sexuality. Its became a Сreation by itself.

Here’s the answer. I hope that by the grace of He-Whose-Name-We-Are-So-Passionately-Trying-To-Find Out, it will not be final.