Throll or troll?

Fordy Crabbe for SPEWR

At the time of WWI, in the darkest years of Grindelwald’s arising, Chief Warlocks of Allied Wizards established Special Anti-Troll Forces (SATF). Headquarter of SATF was located near the Salisbury, Britain. Hundreds of SATF wizards sacrificed themselves for the freedom of Wizarding World and ruined the most powerful GG’s infantry, and it marked a turning point of Wizard War I. Unable to invade to Britain, Grindelwald’s Army shied off to the East and got killing strikes from the Red Army of the Sorcerers Union.

At _Victory Day parades, veterans of SATF march in the first row, together with their brothers-in-arms, pilots and paratroopers of Strike Flying Squads, SFS.

After the war, Allied Wizards signed an agreement on the establishment of Wizard Anti-Troll Organisation, WATO, on the base of SATF. This was necessary in order to resist increasing of Troll population in Eastern Europe and Asia. But in subsequent years Troll population diminished year by year – by a strange coincidence simultaneously with the budget growth of WATO, which is now estimated at billions of Golden Galleons. WATO, that was initially organized as a small part of the whole system of Wizard Defense, step by step has evolved into the biggest bureaucratic institution, that controls and manages of all aspects of defense, military trainings, includes Defense of Dark Arts lessons in wizarding schools, dueling clubs, researches in battle spells etc. Year by year, owing to lack of real enemies, WATO started to make them – firstly, of course, represented by the ex-allies from the Sorcerers Union.

When the Sorcerers Union collapsed, instead of it, WATO chose as targets different groups of pow-wow from Asia and Africa. Usual accusation for such groups was illegal cooperation with Trolls. Considering the interests of wandmakers and budget contractors, WATO usually exaggerated the danger posed by the remnants of Troll population, which is now, at the 2010`s, estimated approximately in couple thousands, and the greatest danger, coming from it, is the extinction of whole Troll race. But still this paranoid policy of WATO is becoming stronger and stronger and getting widely support of Wizarding media. National Dueling Associations (NDAs) in US and UK, structures that are also governed by the WATO officials, are the foundation of public support. The situation in “free Wizarding media” now looks like hysteria, not less. Fake news about Trolls attacks, mass murders etc., are widely reported in media and covertly discontinued in a couple weeks after it was refuted. Even in modern urban dictionary the word “Troll” changed the meaning to the Wizard/Witch, who creates fakes, and was replaced by the word “Throll” in the meaning of race`s name.

Is it time to stop trying to find Troll under our bed every night?

Fortunately or unfortunately – there isn’t any of them there.