WARNING! HMMI St. Mungo & Ministry of Magic

St. Mungo`s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries studies have proven that the current situation with mass diseases of Muggles is another unpersonalized breakthrough of Evil. This has happened repeatedly before. The magic part of the population is not distinguished by increased hygiene care, because usually Muggle diseases do not threaten wizards and witches (or as it is fashionable to say now – sorceresses and wizards). But it’s better to take certain precautions. MoM does not try to interfere in the private life of the community, but calls for more often to cleanse the body and aura. Recommendations will be distributed by Patronuses.

Also, HMMI St. Mungo and Ministry of Magic temporarily lift the ban and track the use of the spell Rektifikatumenti, that produce spirit, if it will be used for sanitary reasons.

For the same reasons ONLY, the Ministry of Magic STRICTLY OBLIGES all members of the W-community to IMMEDIATELY inform the employees of the newly formed Sanitary Control about all illegal “guest wizards”. Failure to do so will result in a fine of 50 Golden Galleons; repeated failure to do so may result in ISOLATION in Azkaban.

Keep yourself health and calm.

ADDITION: The ministry denied the information that appeared in the yesterday issue of Daily Prophet about the postponement of the election to Wizengamot. W-community members are being given the opportunity to vote through Patronuses. Also, events dedicated to the celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts will be held on May 2 in full, including the Aurors parade.

UPDATE OF ADDITION: Minister for Magic Hermione Granger denied that was denied before.